Arthur Tress Dream Collector (Examples from the series)

Boy in Burnt-out Furniture Store, Newark, 1969

Flood Dream, Oecan City,
New Jersey, 1971

Girl with Dunce, Cap,
New York, 1972

Hockey Player,
New York City, 1970

Theater of the Mind (Examples from the series)

Hannah Stuart and Mother, Sag Harbor, New York, 1972

Stephan Brecht, Bride and Groom, New York, 1970

Teapot Opera (Examples from the series)

The Birth of Ideas, 1980

The Voyage .
The Ideas embarked upon a Journey, 1980

But Life still seemed cold and dim..., 1980

A distant Voice finally broke the Spell...1980

Fish Tank Sonata (Examples from the series)

St. George Island, Florida, 1989
(Like a spawning fish ...)

Redono Beach, CA, 1989
(The volley ball captain...)

St. Geroge Island, Florida,1989
(A fine and frothy day...)

Saratoga Springs, NY, 1989
(The american grizzly...)

Requiem for a Paperweight (Examples from the series)

Role Models, 1992

How Do You Measure Up, 1993

Listening to the Starts,

Jog No More,